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Premier Pool Enclosures in Bonita Springs

Are you searching for a company that can help you with a new screen enclosure or modifying an existing one?  Imagine dealing with a locally owned company where the owner of the company is personally involved in every job to make sure "it's perfect" and where you are treated the same way they would treat a member of their own family or best friend.


My name is Mark.  I started Premier Pool Enclosures shortly after my aunt's home was destroyed by hurricane Charlie.  Prior to that my brother and I had a roofing company up north.  But after seeing the devastation that Charlie had wreaked on the homes of so many in FLorida I made the decision to move to Florida and help people recover from the storms aftermath when there were simply not enough local people to help.

Since that time I have focused on what may be your two or three greatest fears.  The first is usually letting strangers into your home.  No worries there.  I have been here since 2004 and I'm not leaving.  Most of my staff has been with me the entire time.  We are all well known and trusted in the local community.  A second worry is that many insurance companies are no longer covering screen and screen enclosures in your insurance policies (Check now, before it's too late) and of course the concern was that older screen materials and enclosures did not stand up to rough weather.  With that in mind we build our encl users to the highest standards to reduce damage to both the enclosure itself and to the screen materials.  Using the right materials and the right technology matters.

Oh, something you might not have considered.  One screen size does not fit all.  Many companies will go out and put a cheap standard screen on everything they install without regard to what you plan to use it for.  We don't do that.  Instead we ask you questions such as, "Will you be planning on using this area for tanning?  Do you want a thick dark screen to reduce sunlight or do you prefer as much visibility as possible?  Is the screen merely for decoration or are you trying to stop mosquitoes and no see-ums?"  Based on your answers we will recommend the best type of screen material for your lifestyle and pleasure.

We care about our customers happiness.  Give me a call and let me help you select a screen enclosure that will fit your needs both in appearance and in how it affects your lifestyle.

Thank You


Premier Pool Enclosures
Premier Pool Enclosures

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